The Burrow

Indoor Mini Golf Course.

The Burrow is an indoor course that is split over two levels. It has plenty of twists and turns, and tricks and traps with bunkers and water hazards.

Rain, hail or shine, you can play in any weather conditions with this fully undercover mini golf course.

Watch in awe as you shoot your ball up to the top level, cross your fingers as you watch your ball sail over the creek, and make sure you don’t land a ball in the bunker.

The highlight is getting to send your ball through the water wheel.

Check out our cool tips for The Burrow's mini golf course below: 

  • Hole 1: Play it off the left wall to get it around the corner, and then take it easy up the slope
  • Hole 2: Don’t get distracted by the bunker, keep the shot straight. Play it off the back wall for a hole in one chance.
  • Hole 3: Play it off the left crest, and let it roll up to the hole. Watch the water!
  • Hole 4: It may look easy, but don't be deceived. If you go too hard you'll end up with one of the hardest shots on the course.
  • Hole 5: Play it off the right wall to get it around the corner, but keep it simple. This one shoots the ball upstairs, and you’re going to want some shots up there.
  • Hole 6: Are you brave enough? Go hard at the wooden right angle; a perfectly hit ball can be a hole in one chance, but miss by a centimetre or two and it can end in tears.
  • Hole 7: The safe shot is to play it to the left to open up your next shot. Be careful playing it under the log, there’s a bunker hiding on the other side.
  • Hole 8: Tee placement is the key, start a little right! How steady are your hands? Go straight at the hole, but don’t go too hard or you’ll end up with a very hard shot.
  • Hole 9: Start it a cup or two left of the hole. Keep it simple for a hole in one chance.
  • Hole 10: Hang it slightly out to the left. This hole it all about power control for a hole in one chance; not too hard, not too soft.
  • Hole 11: There are four holes, which one will you choose? I’d go the short left option. I think you’ll be happy with the results!
  • Hole 12: Use the crest on the right hand side, but don’t hit it too hard for another hole in one opportunity.
  • Hole 13: The easier first putt is to the left. You may end up with a better result with an eagle (two under par) chance.
  • Hole 14: Brave the water wheel; go straight at it hard! You don’t want to leave this one short.
  • Hole 15: Start the ball on the right of the tee. Keep the power under control; too soft and it can roll back into the bunker. Watch the ball fly upstairs for your next shot.
  • Hole 16: Start the ball on the right of the tee. Keep the power under control; too soft and it can roll back into the bunker. Watch the ball fly upstairs for your next shot.
  • Hole 17: Some people say they can't see the forest for the trees; well, will you find your ball in there?! Start it with the ball on the left of the tee, don’t go too hard and you should have a tap in birdie (one under par).
  • Hole 18: Don’t worry which option you take upstairs. Watch the ball run down to the final hole, but make sure you get it up the lip.

Play Mini Golf

Conquer the Burrow or the Gully, uniquely designed to challenge mini golfers of all abilities.

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